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Sensor Strip

Sensor Strip & Sensors

The sensor strip comes as a package with the SecuSens switches. It is to be attached to the switch during set-up. It has an inbuilt temperature sensor and an IR blaster along with 2 USB ports to hold two additional sensors. Secumetron Sensor catalog includes commonly used sensors such as GAS, TEMPERATURE, MOTION, LIGHT among many others.


  • Sensor Strip is shipped with the SecuSens 2P, 3P & 4P switches by default, additional sensor to be purchased separately.
  • Appliances can take appropriate decisions based on values obtained from sensors like change temperature, check for intruder etc. 
  • All IR remote controlled appliances like AC, Set-top box,TV etc.. can be controlled via the Secumetron Smart Home app using the switch and sensor strip arrangement.