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SecuSiti MP

SecuSiti MP

Secumetron's Smart Motor Panels are available in both 3 phase and single phase versions. It can be used to control water pump at home as well as irrigation pumps. The user can control the water pump from anywhere in world using the mobile app or a smart keychain. The panel has a built-in contactor box enabling easy installation. It is designed to protect your motor from dry run, overload, phase reversal and phase failure. 


  • Can schedule motor on/off timings as per convenience. 
  • Can operate the motor from anywhere in the world. 
  • Mobile app to control the motor panel in different regional languages. 
  • Works with all kinds of agricultural motors. 
  • Comes with a smart keychain consisting of on/off buttons for farmers for easier use.

Power Ratings: 230V -50 Hz and 415V -50Hz