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SecuSiti MCB


Smart MCBs come in Four Variants 

  • SecuSiti 2P63  - 2 Pole - 63A
  • SecuSiti 4P40 - 4 Pole - 40A
  • SecuSiti 4P63 - 4 Pole - 63A
  • SecuSiti 4P100 - 4 Pole - 100A

Smart circuit breaker can be used to transform the ordinary household wiring into a smart system with automation. Smart MCBs protect your home from voltage fluctuations and any short circuiting. The time setting can be done through a smart phone instead of manual operation.

Features : 

  • Control remotely from anywhere anytime. 
  • Schedule ON/OFF. 
  • Voice control with Google assistant and Alexa. 
  • Overload and short circuit protection. 
  • Over voltage and under voltage protection. 
  • Impulse withstand voltage 6000V. Less phase protection.