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SecuSiti EM

SecuSIti EM

Smart energy monitoring systems is a complete IoT based solution for health & energy monitoring for a wide range of applications. This solution comes with a Dashboard specifically designed for getting analytical insights from all your appliances.


  • Can monitor Voltages, Currents, Power Factors, Harmonics, Power in individual phases.
  • User configurable alerts for different events (Over Voltage, Over Current, Overload, Phase Reversal, Abnormal PF, Abnormal Harmonics).
  • Configurable settings for Health monitoring of appliances.
  • 7 different types of parameters, 61 parameters in total.
  • Connectivity over 2G GSM.
  • Meter Type – 3 Phase 4 Wire.

Voltage Range from 0V to 320V and Current up to 200A
Frequency – 50/60Hz