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SecuSens TA

SecuSens TA (Travel adapter) is a portable Wi-Fi supported plug that can act as a smart plug as well as a smart remote. It has 3 sockets with 6A rating- a 3 pin socket and two 2 pin sockets. It has inbuilt IR sensors for controlling IR appliances.


  • Can connect up to 3 appliances at a time.
  • Works as a smart remote for TV, Set-top box, AC or any IR remote controlled device.
  • Integrated with Google Assistant and Alexa to provide voice control over appliances.
  • Since it is portable, it can be carried anywhere for use.
  • Can communicate over Wi-Fi and works with/without internet.

Appliances You Can Control:

Set-Top Box, Telivision, Table Lamp, Table Fan and Mobile.