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SecuPro FD

Touch Fan Controller

SecuPro FD Touch Switch can Control 1 Ceiling FAN (ON/OFF and Speed Control).

Experience the extreme elegance in your Home or Office, werever your decor truly matters. SecuPro Touch Switches with their unique, sleek design and skin will suit to replace all your present switches. The best of design and smartness at your finger tips. Secumetron Touch switches are modular and can be used in existing properties as well as new properties as replacement to ordinary switches. 


  • Easy to install - can be finished in less than 2 minutes.
  • Perfect response to all your touch commands.
  • Simple Retrofit installation - requires no additional wiring.
  • Switch ON/OFF your FAN and Control the SPEED of the FAN.
  • Schedule you FAN to turn ON/OFF at a desired time.
  • Four touch Switch takes the space of only Two Manual switches in the existing switch board.
  • Swith ON/OFF your FAN and Increase/Decrese the Speed of your FAN with your VOICE Command.