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SecuLock BLE

SecuLock BLE

SecuLock BLE & WiFi

 Now you can enter your house without any keys

Hassling through various sets of keys to find the right one for the lock takes a lot of time. Especially when you are carrying a heavy bag of groceries, you would want to open the door before you reach the porch. SecuLock BLE and SecuLock WiFi is the perfect solution for your troubles.

SecuLock BLE Smart Lock is a device which ensures that the house stays safe even when you are away. It is a device that is useful in a variety of ways, including operating it remotely from half-way across the globe. 


  • 4 ways to enter your house : You can unlock your house doors in 4 different ways - Manually (with keys), RFID card, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Logs and Monitoring:The Secumetron Smart Home app helps in unlocking the doors with the SecuLock Wi-Fi Dongle; it also allows the app to keep a record of when and which user opened the door, and how many times. 
  • Auto-Lock: You won't have to worry about whether you locked the door or not. The auto-lock features ensure that the door is locked right after it is closed. 
  • Remote Access: As Bluetooth unlocking feature is used within a certain range, Wi-Fi enables you using the app to unlock the door from anywhere in the world. At just one tap, you can open the door! 
  • Double the security: The admin user of the Secumetron Smart Home App has the right to add or remove the additional users who can have access to unlock the doors, with the app in their respective mobile phones. All the family members who have the app will have access to unlock the doors.
  • Battery Check: 4 AA Alkaline Batteries is used in this device, provides a shelf life of 6 to 10 months. The battery status in the Secumetron Smart Home App represents when the battery is supposed to be changed.


Use Cases: 

Have a detailed report: Know when someone is opening the door with just one notification. The Secumetron Smart Home App monitoring and keeps a log when someone is opening/closing the door with the app or the RFID card. Perfect for corporate usage as it monitors employee's timings!

Multi-user access: The Secumetron Smart Home App admin user has the authority to add/remove family members or friends from the multi-user list. In case of a sudden visit from your relatives, they can download Secumetron Smart Home app on their phone. Adding them as multiple-user will allow them to enter without interrupting you.

The Right Product For Your Safety : From household, corporate to the Hospitality sector, the SecuLock can be used in any industry or sector. It does not only keep your home secure, but it also allows you to understand when people are coming and leaving your corporate office with the pop-up notification.