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Ceiling LED Strip Light

SecuColor L

Make your life more vibrant with Colors LED Strip. Multi-color LED light strip that glows in any color.


  • Flexible like you want it. Bend it, twist it, flex it. Fit Colors light strip wherever you wish to. Walls, ceilings, cupboards.
  • Play with colors as much as you like. Colors light strip lets you choose from any of the 16 million colors in the RGBW spectrum.
  • Control Colors light strip with your digital voice assistants (Alexa or Google Assistant).
  • Combine your SecuColor LED strip with other smart light switches in Secumetron Smart Home App to create a unique and special light combination.
  • Create your own rainbow with Patterns. The Patterns feature on Secumetron Smart Home App lets you create glow combinations with different colors.
  • Supports upto 30 Meters with 24V Driver.
  • Supports upto 5 Meters with 12V Driver.
  • 60-90 LEDs per Meter.